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The New York Songwriters Circle Annual HOLIDAY SHOW DEC 15th!!!!!!!!!

Once a year we have our famous Annual Holiday show…with outstanding talents;

DEC 15th 8pm at the Bitter End, ticket $10

Rob Mathes  Tina Shafer

Andrew Fortier,

Ari Zizzo

Kevin Bents


NOV 3rd New York Songwriters Circle artists Monday 8pm

Please welcome another amazing night of top talent.
The New York Songwriters Circle is the original showcase running from 1991 at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker street
at the Bitter End the First Monday of every month.
Please welcome:

Kelly Paige
Peter Trevino
Jim Bennet
Elle Morgan (thro Matt noble)
Jason Spooner

tickets $10
The Bitter End 147 Bleecker Street, NYC


OCt 6th Songwriters Circle

Please welcome these talented writers to The Original Showcase since 1991
8pm to 9:30pm
tickets $10

John Schmitt
Chelsea Chris
David Telson
Robert Telson
Tina Shafer


The New York Songwriters Circle is the original showcase founded in1991 and continuing today at The Bitter End.

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